5 Best Personal Finance Tips

Here are some personal finance tips that will serve you well in life:

  1. Start investing early. Taking advantage of extra years of compound interest is the best way to retire well.
  2. Avoid conspicuous consumption. Don’t buy it if you don’t really need it. Buying things just to keep up will make you feel like you’re always broke, no matter how much you make.
  3. Don’t pay interest. While a mortgage, reasonable car payment, or student loans are okay, credit card debt is not. Save for something rather than going into debt.
  4. Have an emergency fund. When you get hit with unexpected expenses, you don’t want to have to take out a loan or put it on your credit card.
  5. Budget for everything. A budget isn’t just for big expenses, but should help you track every dollar, including spending and savings.

About cozbycpa

Heather L. Cozby is a CPA on the South Shore and Cape Cod. The managing partner of Cozby & Company, LLC, Heather has the resources and experience necessary to provide quality professional services on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost. She specializes in tax planning & preparation; audit, review & compilation services; management advisory services; bookkeeping; and accounting. Her unique niche is in working with homeowners’ associations and condominium trusts, advising with rental real estate, and providing outsourced financial consulting for mid-sized companies. She is more entrepreneurial than most accountants, and offers the best of both worlds - providing the services of a larger firm while retaining the ability to connect with her clients on a personal level.
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  1. Tyler Hunt says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am very lucky to have learned about investing early, and I hope 18 years old was early enough for tip one 🙂

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