The Fastest Way to Pay off Debt

Getting out of debt is the dream of millions of Americans every year. But sometimes the reality of becoming debt-free is still in the dream phase. Some steps are more effective than others in tackling this huge financial situation.

Before we list those steps, it’s important to realize how pervasive the debt problem is in our country. Debt is accepted as a normal part of life in America. Carrying a credit card and having a student loan or even a car loan are all considered part of being an American.

It is possible to live debt-free, however, and there are many, many people who choose this lifestyle with great success. Debt steals your income, so claim back your money and follow these steps to live debt-free! Continue reading

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The Confusing World of Credit Scores

Credit scores are extremely important. They are, in a way, your financial life-line to borrowing money. But credit scores are actually a whole lot more than that. Your score can determine whether or not you can rent an apartment and can even dictate your insurance rates.

Credit scores are extremely easy to find these days. Companies like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame offer free access to your score as well as some key aspects of your credit report. Continue reading

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If / Then Scenarios for Taxpayers Who Get Phished

cyber crime
The IRS reminds taxpayers that the agency does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email or text messages to request personal or financial information. This includes requests for PIN numbers, passwords or similar information for credit cards, banks and other financial accounts.

This is important for everyone to remember because thieves often pose as the IRS to get taxpayers to turn over personal information in a scam called phishing. Phishing is typically carried out through unsolicited emails or websites.

Here’s what a taxpayer should do if they see a suspicious communication from the IRS: Continue reading

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5 Money Tips For Millennials

In the world of millennials, it often times seems hard to look forward because of the mountain of student loan debt and credit card balances that consume much of a monthly budget.

But the fact is, it is extremely important to look ahead – five, even ten years – because like it or not, time is moving that direction. Having a plan and taking some steps now is better than doing nothing at all.

Here are some things to consider: Continue reading

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Charities Can Visit for Tools and Resources about Taxes

charitable organizationsCharitable organizations and other tax-exempt groups can visit for resources that will help them meet their tax obligations.

Here is a list of resources with links to the information on Continue reading

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The Single Dumbest Thing Investors Do

Investing is undertaken by millions of Americans every year. The vehicles most often used to invest in the stock market are mutual funds and retirement plans. But so often investment strategies are riddled with mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes? Paying extra but not getting extra. Even if you don’t pay for a financial advisor, you are always paying some sort of fee built into each fund that you purchase. Continue reading

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